Lissome Magazine goes print!

If not now, then when? With the great support of friends, small brands and all the people who believe in bottom-up transformation and sustainable future Lissome is presenting its first independent publication, created by authors from Berlin as well as by an international community of artists. On Thursday, June 27th Lissome team organized a beautiful launch event at the HUND HUND studio & store to support their Kickstarter campaign and we had the honor to interview the founders.




The online magazine Lissome was founded by Dörte de Jesus as a platform envisioning a mindful future of fashion. Bringing together writers, photographers and stylists with different backgrounds this all-women team offers a holistic perspective on fashion at the threshold of a new era. Lissome publishes stories and fashion editorials online, hosts talks and pop-up events in Berlin and London since 2016.



“When I started the Magazine the world seemed like a different place. Brexit had not happen yet, Donald Trump wasn’t in power. The report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change hadn’t been published, Greta Thunberg was not standing in front of the Swedish parliament every Friday,”- says Dörte. Over the past three years, the world has changed dramatically. It has become impossible to ignore the impact of human activities on the environment.



We are waking up to the deeply disturbing fact that our beautiful planet is struggling,”- says Dörte. Rapid rising surface temperature, loss of biodiversity, climate refugees… These are just some of the consequences of climate change we are already facing and it’s terrifying. We simply can’t get behind this any longer. That is why nowadays designers and artists are being called to become visionaries for the new sustainable future, to lead us in this process of reconnection with nature and to bring new values to our lives.


“We believe that printed magazines of high-quality, just like books, will still have an important place in a sustainable world. It is long-lasting, it can be referred to in time, passed on to future readers “


Lissome’s Debut Issue is fully planned out and in the process of production. What could a genuinely sustainable world look and feel like? And what does sustainability mean in the global context? How can design and fashion help to strengthen the necessary transformation? These and many other questions will be answered in the more than 140 pages, full-colour, carbon-neutral magazine, covering diverse topics and presenting a number of interviews, essays and fashion editorials.



Bringing to life a physical version of Lissome the authors ask us to take a minute and experience something very special and so rare: a “beautiful slowness” of reading. Freeze the world. Enjoy the moment.  “We believe that printed magazines of high-quality, just like books, will still have an important place in a sustainable world,” – says Dörte. It is long-lasting, it can be referred to in time, passed on to future readers.

In the new magazine we will find the groundbreaking work of: Kate Fletcher of the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, Céline Semaan of Slow Factory/The Library Study Hall, Emily Bode of BODE, Larissa Duarte of Farfarm, Ania Zoltkowski and Amie Berghan of Sustainability 5.0, Jonathon Porritt of Forum for the Future, Becky Burchell of Change Festival, Mariana Pestana of Eco Visionaries, Anna Rosa Krau, Anouk Nitsche, Patricia Gutiérrez Monllor, Denis Boulze, and further exciting contributors will to be announced soon.


You can preorder your own copy of the magazine that reflects the highest sustainability standards now on Kickstarter

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About the blog author:
Polina Korneeva is from Russia and is currently studying environmental planning in Berlin. She is highly interested in sustainability, natural resource management as well as in alternative art and music. Polina supports civic activism and express herself as a creative writer.

Photo Credits:
Anna Rosa Krau, Polina Korneeva






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