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Green Fashion Tours is a project focusing on sustainable fashion, offering guided tours throughout Berlin which have the goal of educating the public about the environmental and social issues of the fashion industry, while presenting alternative options for an ethical consumption.

Green Fashion Tours’ urban excursions lead the customers to the most exciting sustainable fashion spots in the city, discovering hidden gems and showing the behind the scenes of eco-friendly businesses and the stories of their creators.

The routes are based on six different areas of Berlin and cover subjects such as upcycling design, fair fashion, local production, circular economy, among others, and are offered in English, German, Italian, Portuguese and French.

Green Fashion Tours was founded 2015 combining the expertise of Anna from ‘GetChanged!’, Arianna from ‘The Upcycling Fashion Store’ and Mariangeles from ‘HolaBerlin’.

Currently Green Fashion Tours is a social business owned by Arianna Nicoletti.


Our mission

We have a passion for fashion and for sustainabilty. With our tours and workshops we want to pass this passion on.

It’s a two-way street. Designers, atelier owners and store managers get the chance to inform the affected customers about the their way of working, their visions and obstacles as well as the ecological and social problems of conventional fashion. Participants, on the other hand, get a personal insight into the fair fashion scene which helps making the ideas of a sustainable economy tangible.

We want to clear up: Why does sustainable fashion matter? How can I, as a consumer or as a designer, put sustainability into practice? How many change makers are there and what exactly are they doing differently?

We believe that human connection is the best way to do storytelling.simply by bringing both sides, producers and consumers, together, while exchanging information, ideas and concerns and answering questions we can drive forward change into the global fashion industry.


Our Expertise

Green Fashion Tours supports brands and people that are helping to create an ethical and transparent fashion industry.

In our team we are all experts on the subject and have been working in different areas of the fashion industry for many years, from design to media.

Upcycling, fair fashion, sustainable design strategies, social business models are just some of our know-how fields. As an international crew, we gathered knowledge in the fashion system from different countries, and we love to share these information in many languages depending on the participants´needs.

Beside our team expertise we work in constant exchange with an extended network of international designers, producers, social entrepreneurs, educators, innovators and campaigners.


What is a Green Fashion Tour?

Our sustainable fashion journeys are urban guided tours to independent local shops, fashion ateliers and designer studios.

The participants are picked up at the meeting point by our guide, who leads them to the different tour stops. At the beginning of the tour each participant gets one of our printed Green Fashion Roadmaps and an introduction on sustainable fashion and the problems linked to the global fashion supply chain.

Throughout the design excursion our expert guide and the creative minds behind concept stores and fashion labels share important information and insights about their work.

The participants can touch with their hands materials and products, they can listen to stories telling about innovation and ask all their questions. Our guide facilitates the conversations between the designers or shop-owners and the participants and shares know-how and a strong vision for a more sustainable consumption and more transparency within the fashion industry.


What to expect from a Green Fashion Tour?

  • Learn about sustainable fashion directly from experts
  • Get to know personally fashion designers and store owners
  • Receive professional answers to all your questions about green fashion
  • Explore Berlin and München under a new perspective
  • Get inspired by strong visions for a better future
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