What is Green Fashion for us?

In our vision Green Fashion relates to a textile and apparel industry, of which core values are: transparency, quality and circularity. A Green Fashion industry should operate respecting the environment, the people and their cultural heritage.

The stores and labels on our map fulfil our sustainability criteria:

Fair Fashion: at least 80% of the products or materials are certified by environmental and social standards.

Local & Transparent: the label knows every single manufacturer, the origin and composition of the materials used and the production is locally made in Europe.

Social & Transparent: different local social groups or artisans from around the world are involved in the design processes. Aiming to human empowerment, social inclusion and keeping in life traditional craftsmanship, these labels know every single manufacturer, the origin and composition of the materials used.

Second-Hand: buying second-hand is an act of sustainable consumption. It not only reduces the amount of waste we create with our fast-fashion consumption, but it also keep clothes in longer life-cycles.

Upcycling: at least 80% of the used materials are second-hand or industrial left-overs.


What can I expect from a Green Fashion Tour (GFT)?

Guided by an expert in sustainable fashion a GFT is a journey of knowledge and personal experiences discovering alternatives to conventional fashion.

During a GFT the guide shares important background information about the global fashion industry and personally introduces you to the entrepreneurs behind selected concept stores, designer ateliers, start-ups and initiatives. You will hear stories of social businesses and of sustainable design strategies directly from their creators and get answers to all your questions.


How many shops and designers am I going to visit during one tour?

The number of stops depends on the tour duration and on the distances between the stops. Normally we visit 3-4 places during the 2,5 hours tour. More stops can be added in longer customized tours.

During the public tours we usually also stop along the way for a 20 minutes coffee break. In this time you will rest your legs, re-focus and reflect with the help of our tour guide about what you will be experiencing.


Do I have to be an expert in fashion or sustainability to come to a Green Fashion Tour?

Absolutely not! Our public tours are thought for every person who is interested in the topic. The guide will provide the group of participants with the basic information necessary to understand both the fashion industry and sustainability strategies.

If you are already a sustainable fashion guru and you want to learn something new, we invite you to book a private tour. In this way we can tailor your Green Fashion experience on your needs and wishes.


How can I sign up for a public tour?

If you want join one of our private tours or tour & workshop formats, you can click on the Eventbrite link (in the event description in our calendar) for a direct booking. Alternatively you can send a message to booking@greenfashiontours.com and we will enter your name in the participants list.


What is the price for a public tour and how can I pay for it?

Our public tours have different prices depending on the format and on the included activities. The normal price for our Green Fashion Tours and Weekend Outlook Tours is €28,-(€ 22,- for students and holders of the Berlin Pass).

Other formats such as “Handicrafts and local Manufactories Tour”, “Slow Fashion and Natural Dyes Tours” or the “Circular Economy Tour & Dinner” have prices between € 49,- and

59,- per person.
Please always check the event details on the event page in order to inform yourself about the right tour price.

You can purchase your ticket via Eventbrite (please note that Eventbrite is adding a small booking fee on the ticket price). If you prefer you can also pay cash directly on spot at the beginning of the tour. Your tour guide will collect the money. Please let us know in advance if you need a receipt.


Can I cancel my participation once registered for a tour on Eventbrite or via email?

Yes, you can cancel you participation. The cancellation policy on Eventbrite makes it possible to cancel your participation until 24 hours before the tour starts. If you registered via email please let us know via email 24 hours before the tour starts.


Can I simply join a tour without booking?

No, please book your participation in advance. In this way we can tell you if the tour is booked out or we can punctually provide you with the exact information about the meeting point.

However, if you want to join a tour last minute just drop us a message via email or on facebook and we will try to inform the guide and will let you know asap if this is still possible.


Which kind of hands-on workshops do you offer?

Natural dyeing processes: The participants discover which plants from everyday life and urban environments can be used for dyeing and how the natural dyeing processes works.

Upcycling design : Learn the art of upcycling design by experts designers in their own fashion studio.

Hand-weaving: With different expert textile weavers the participants will explore different ways of hand-weaving and unique ancient techniques.


Which kind of innovation workshops do you offer?

Design Thinking Workshop: create you own innovation in the field of sustainable fashion through the method of design thinking! This workshop is suitable for bigger groups too and can be booked for 1 to 3 days.

Circular.fashion Workshop: Our circular fashion workshop is in collaboration with the digital start-up “Circular.fashion”and offers expert knowledge of how to integrate and implement key
circular and sustainable principles into the core of a fashion business model.

Sustainable Innovation Workshop: Together with our partner “FabLab Berlin” we offer the unique possibility of getting to know the machines and technologies of the future.


What is a package?

Beside the guided journeys, Green Fashion Tours offers 1-5 days full-immersion experiences for
groups of students and professionals, who want to deepen specific knowledge and learn how to create innovation in a sustainable way.

These packages are totally tailored on the participants interests and include: innovation workshops, expert sessions, hands-on workshops and special urban itineraries.


How can I get more information about the 1-5 days packages?

If you are interested in more information about our 1-5 days packages please contact us. In order to create the most valuable experience for your group, we would be pleased to personally discuss all the details with you and to choose the right program modules together.

Write to us at: info@greenfashiontours.com


How can I book a customized tour or a package?

If you want to book a customized tour or a tour package, please use our online contact form or send your request to booking@greenfashiontours.com. Please specify how many people would come with you, when the tour should take place and what your main interests are. We will then contact you asap to give you more information about prices and possible routes.


What is the minimum/ maximum number of people needed to book a customized tour or a tour package?

There is no minimum number for a customized tour. You can book even just for one person. We have different pricing for groups of different sizes. Please check the prices in the question nr. 14.

The maximum number of participants per group for the customized tours is set at 15. Tour Packages can be normally booked for 6 to 15 people depending on the activities you choose.
We also accept requests from bigger groups, which we can divide into smaller groups.


Are there special tours for companies, schools, universities, NGOs?

We can provide special lectures, activities and workshops for companies, schools, universities or NGOs interested in the subject of sustainable fashion and circular economy. Please contact us for more details.


What is the price for a customized tour or for a tour package?

For the customized tours we set a price group (max. 15 participants per group). Depending on the duration the costs are:

  • € 389,- for the basic 2,5 hours experience
  • a private tour for 1 or 2 people costs € 75,- per hour
  • small groups of 3 to 6 people pay € 95,- per hour

The tour package price varies depending on its duration, on the activities and on the group size. Please contact us, if you want to have a price quotation. All our prices are inclusive of 7-19% taxes.


How can I pay for a Green Fashion Tour?

All the public tour tickets can be purchased cash or via Eventrbite.
The customized tours or tour packages have to be paid in advance via bank transfer.
If you request this kind of service, we will send to you our Terms&Conditions with the specific payment conditions.


In which languages do you offer the tours?

Green Fashion Tours offers tours in German, English, Italian and French.


Are the tours cancelled due to weather conditions?

Usually we don´t cancel a tour because of weather conditions.

In case of bad weather conditions we recommend to bring your umbrella and to wear waterproof shoes and clothes ☺

Please request our full Terms & Conditions for more information regarding our insurance policies for group tours.

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